AIRBAG recently created an exciting social experiment for Dentsu via Rebel & Soul. Every year the creative agencies vie for the most impressive party at The Spikes Festival of Creativity. This year the Dentsu Aegis Network party that was held in cooperation with Massive Music - the organisers of the undisputed champion of parties at Cannes each year. The pressure was on to recreate that European spectacle and joy, in notoriously reserved Singapore.

The brief to AIRBAG was simple, but broad. Dentsu wanted us to use technology in a novel way that impresses the party goers and encourages them to interact. Literally: do something cool that makes people talk.

Chief Geek, Steven Nicholson's insight was that almost all party goers are already equipped with the technological tools to 'connect' - we just had to give them a reason to break the ice and use them.

So we gamified their social media use.

...We wanted to capture the fact that digital is now at the heart of life - an omnipotent reality that is both virtual and real, with actual consequences, at the same time. To see this zeitgeist come alive during this event in a meaningful way is the sort of innovation that we stand for at Dentsu Aegis.
— Dick van Motman, CEO, Dentsu Aegis Network Southeast Asia

Unbeknownst to the party goers, as they entered the party the bouncers 'logged' them in. Their arrival was announced on the big screen and they were invited to connect to the 'neuromance' network. Each of these new users were given a tiny little tower in a sprawling metropolis. Our app quietly monitored the activity of each user; and for every post, every selfy - every new friend that user made - their tower grew higher and higher. 

Not only were users rewarded with a light show and fireworks for making a new friend - they had the satisfaction of seeing their tower grow higher than their peers. And the best bit: they didn't have to download an app or learn to use something new. They just used facebook, instagram and twitter the way they normally would have.

Awesome event. Really loved the social overlay that was coordinated at the event.
— Dan Neary, Vice President of Asia Pacific, Facebook

By the end of the night a sprawling metropolis with over 500 towers had sprung up - a dynamic metaphor for the connected advertising community in a city defined by skyscrapers.

Great success all round, with many new friends made and a night people were talking about for the rest of the festival.