The term 'Renaissance Man' seems weirdly anachronistic for such a tech savvy modern man; but we can't think of a better descriptor.

Originally a web guy he comes to airbag via aerospace engineering, the VCA film & TV school, nearly every job in post production and a breadth of mixed media projects so diverse we've lost track. He directs, he designs, he animates, he codes, he composes and he delivers.

Steve is a passionate advocate for design, and believes good below-the-line advertising begins with a good experience. Whilst extremely tech capable, he's always wary of that old adage, 'when you have a hammer, all your problems look like nails'. So he is always keen to explore a lower tech solution if it results in a better experience. 

More than anything Steve thinks on his feet and can turn any challenge to your advantage. 

His animation projects have won at AWARD, Spikes, Adfest & been nominated in New York.

Steven heads up the AIRBAG Tech Division.