The term 'Renaissance Man' seems weirdly anachronistic for such a tech savvy modern man; but we can't think of a better descriptor.

Originally a web guy he comes to AIRBAG via aerospace engineering, the VCA film & TV school, nearly every job in post production and a breadth of mixed media projects so diverse we've lost track. He directs, he designs, he animates, he codes, he composes and he delivers.

From experiential, stunt based activation and new TECH - to virtual reality, games and animation: his projects have won at all the major international awards. Career highlights include a Black Pencil from D&AD and a Grand Prix from Cannes for his work on "Meet Graham". 

Steve is a passionate advocate for the power of design, and believes good brand building begins with a good experience. Whilst extremely tech capable, he's always wary of that old adage, 'when you have a hammer, all your problems look like nails'. So he is always keen to explore a lower tech solution if it results in a better experience. 

More than anything Steve thinks on his feet and can turn any challenge to your advantage. 

Steven heads up the AIRBAG Tech Division.